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  1. place predicted words suggestion box as vertical line over keyboard
  2. Swype For Sony Ericsson Xperia x10
  3. Language Request -- sort of
  4. Swype Keyboard keys
  5. Move to SD card
  6. features
  7. Support of Samsung Galaxy3
  8. Htc wildfire
  9. (forward) DEL key needed
  10. READ the instructions and tips.... :-)
  11. Remembering word sequences
  12. Swype for Samsung Intercept
  13. Can I get Swype arabic Keyboard ?
  14. Disable special (national specific) characters option
  15. Using numbers
  16. Double-space, auto period, auto capitalize
  17. Limitate Characters
  18. Dortmund?? Teesside?? All I want is to Swype *REASSOCIATE**!!
  19. New Preference: Minimum Characters Typed Before Prediction/Suggestion/Auto-Correction
  20. Easier access to the numeric keypad
  21. Method of changing case of selected or previous word
  22. Correction keyboard
  23. Losing Swype functionality
  24. Scrollable word choice window possible? And lower position for the window?
  25. Dictionary App
  26. Please support 960x640 screen resolution
  27. Quick dictionary change or multiple active dictionaries
  28. Word selection priority or weight
  29. Please let me control volume on audio feedback
  30. Swype on Honeycomb tablets
  31. Swype on Tablets in a school setting
  32. Ability to turn off learning
  33. spacing
  34. Most annoying (non)feature in Swype
  35. Our vs Or, and the like
  36. Add the QVGA screen resolution
  37. Make Voice Button optional (please)
  38. French Canadian layout
  39. Trial Expiration?
  40. Russian Swype foк HVGA resolution
  41. Chose Keyboards for applications
  42. Swype should favor capitalizing the first letter over the most recent letter
  43. Russian for HVGA res
  44. Android Tablets should be able to get Swype too!
  45. Ability to choose whether to add new words to the dictionary ON A WORD-PER-WORD BASIS
  46. Please bring back old voice input screen...
  47. context sensitive prediction
  48. deleting words from dictionairy
  49. Making Swype Keyboard a bit "smaller" in screen space size
  50. symbol
  51. Custom dictionaries/Specialized dictionaries
  52. Macros
  53. word delete and add to dictionary confirm
  54. Leave keyboard open after text-to-speech recording
  55. swype installer: download progress indicator
  56. Move Swype to SD card
  57. Auto-capitalization unwanted in username form field
  58. Swiype interface
  59. New and changed features wishlist
  60. Holding the Backspace button
  61. Ellipsis issues
  62. Suggestion box jumping up too much
  63. Missing languages in QVGA
  64. Feature Request: Remember Login
  65. Password key
  66. Install in /system/app
  67. Swipe right to left to delete previous word
  68. Word auto-selection
  69. Enhance Auto Capitalisation in Standard Dictionaries
  70. Swyping words separated by aphostrophe in a single movement
  71. Be more like your competitors!
  72. [Q] What happened to the Icelandic dictionary?
  73. More intelligent menu
  74. Themeable Swype
  75. Symbol lock and repeating arrow keys
  76. Not Automatically Add New Words
  77. Numeric keyboard
  78. Easy way to select different input method
  79. Feature Request: Weighted dictionary
  80. Add a "Restart Swype" option
  81. Idea: Two-thumb swyping
  82. Support for SVGA 800x600 Please
  83. Unlimited additions to the user dictionary(or at least more than what is allowed now)
  84. Here's a new idea:
  85. Optional complete "full screen" interface
  86. Streamline Hidden Words?
  87. Change forum background color to white
  88. Remove Tab from Press and Hold of Space because No Space is more useful.
  89. Asterisk on the main keyboard
  90. disable auto rotate while swyping
  91. When will swype is available for 640*960 ?????? Hunger to death!!!
  92. Please Please Please allow us to remove words from the dictionary
  93. Chinese Language Pack Support!!
  94. Make built-in dictionary editiable offline
  95. Add new Language Dictionary
  96. Numbers in the dictionary
  97. Mass adding words to dictionary
  98. word prediction selection window needs better ergonomics for single hand entry.
  99. Auto-space after punctuation
  100. Ownership punctuality / "Is" Punctuality using Swype Gesture
  101. Simple Shortcut Suggestions
  102. Swype Toggle (for Captcha)
  103. target cursor offset on finger touch
  104. Sorry if this has been requested already. Swype print letters like regular typing?
  105. Norwegian keyboard
  106. ARROW KEYS, Change size of keyboard, letters, ever see Ultrakeyboard?
  107. Make it being sloppier more accurate with these..
  108. Empty Dictionary suggestion
  109. double tapping words...?
  110. Missing languages for qHD (HTC Sensation)
  111. Undo option in edit text options?
  112. Swype Capitisation of already swyped words
  113. Words that have trouble registering.
  114. Chinese: Ability to choose between traditional or simplified characters as default
  115. Make the predicted word be at the BOTTOM of the popup menu
  116. Buttons for Scroll (up, down, left & right) and better scroll for finger touch
  117. Please add input options / settings key, especially input method changing
  118. voice recognition
  119. UserVoice voting for features?
  120. Epic dictionary problem solution
  121. Predict next word
  122. Installer ask questions on start.
  123. Please add swear or curse word to the dictionary
  124. Update without uninstall
  125. Keyboard Skin and Audio input
  126. [REQUEST] Option to disable 'Add to dictionary' Popup - Enable Auto-Add
  127. Permanent Word Suggestion Bar (non popup)
  128. Fast language switcher / delete languages
  129. Double space for full stop and capital letter.
  130. Even more keyboard resizing!!! :)
  131. Editing request
  132. Delete Word Speed
  133. Custom/Manual Word Input
  134. Request for Traditional Chinese support
  135. New List - "Deleted Words"
  136. Single tap to select already typed word instead of double-tap?
  137. show multiple lines of predictions when user asks for more
  138. Delete back to end of previous word, enable word suggestion on that word.
  139. Horizontal Bar autohide
  140. Delete current word entry by swyping to the delete button
  141. oneclick button to change language - not 2 steps like it is now
  142. Customizable haptic feedback
  143. Re-enable the old pop-up window
  144. Old method of switching languages and an option to hide speech-to-text button.
  145. make a popup for the letter pressed.
  146. Keyboard Character: add Grave Accent (tick)
  147. Chinese language support for FWVGA
  148. Punctuation in suggestion box
  149. Static Word Suggestion List Option
  150. Leave out languages one does not need
  151. Horizontal Word Choice is Okay, but I liked the popup better. Choice?
  152. Word Frequency and Sentence recognition
  153. Make Auto Word Correction default to off when installed
  154. bring back the old swype
  155. Would love to be able to cherry-pick which languages to install
  156. Remove world button when only one language is selected
  157. Swype should learn faster
  158. Big Fingers Hide Numbers And Letters
  159. spacing and other usability suggestions
  160. Option to disable features?
  161. How about a time/date stamp option?
  162. bring back trail delete
  163. Honeycomb/tablet feature requests
  164. keyboard language toggle
  165. space after word before smiley
  166. auto space after the :
  167. Hide keyboard button
  168. Use more than 1 dictionaries/languages at the same time, or easy language switching.
  169. String alteration
  170. 2 languaes choose
  171. Saving USER DATA!
  172. POWERED Horizontal Bar
  173. PLEASE make all new features OPTIONAL from stettings
  174. Saving User Dictionary
  175. 3 Suggestions for features that other keyboards do better - then it will be perfect!
  176. I don't want to click "Add to Dictionary"
  177. Bug/Improvement: joining words, editing swyped words (auto space during edit mode).
  178. swipe from key to swype icon instead of long press for symbols/numbers
  179. QWERTY French (Canadian) language!
  180. keyboard occupying too much space
  181. Chinese in Beta 3.0
  182. Request for enter or the line break key
  183. skin with light color
  184. Arrows?
  185. make the new 3.# features optional.
  186. tablet alphanumeric
  187. Holding backspace on a URL should not delete the entire web address
  188. Text box jumps up and down
  189. A Customizable quick button
  190. Hardware Keyboard Prediction
  191. Ability to remove the speech button.
  192. Stop automatically changing the words I type
  193. manipulations with compound words are inconsistent
  194. Russian keyboard: wider buttons
  195. (auto-)correction of single-letter words
  196. Choosing the Languages wich are needed
  197. keyboard font change
  198. Double spacebar for period.
  199. switching language layout while in SYM keyboard should switch to alphabetic layout
  200. Globe key option in settings.
  201. inflected word forms complete dictionary (eg for Russian)
  202. auto-spacing and swyping compound words
  203. auto-spacing and swyping compound words
  204. options vs functions
  205. Shift-Backspace brings more frustration than help
  206. Plz add korean language pack...
  207. Auto move to end of word?
  208. Please improve language switching
  209. 1024x768
  210. Drop down to view suggestions
  211. A Button to create new words for the dictionary (idea in thread)
  212. Currency localisation
  213. On fly Predicting ( Predicting words while you "swyping" )
  214. Please return my carriage return (smileys optional)
  215. Please support 1024*768 resolution
  216. Mappable Keys
  217. Swype in portrait disables pop up letter as you type
  218. Double-tap to highlight edit
  219. Edit word list of the custom dictionary in options menu
  220. Predictive resizing keys
  221. Chinese in Fully Swype
  222. Split screen for SWYPE on SYMBIAN ANNA
  223. No auto correction for words in CAPS
  224. Love Swype but uninstalled for one single reason...
  225. Swype on SD card
  226. Swype On Andriod Market
  227. em & en dash on dash's popup
  228. auto correction alert? vibrate?
  229. Small keyboard mode
  230. Add numlock like functionality
  231. Cancelling a Swype and Compound Words
  232. Please add 'm and others to the dictionary.
  233. Full sentence swyping
  234. Disable EN/ES button
  235. Please make colon and semi-colon swypeable
  236. My nitpicky issues list with Swype
  237. Smoother/faster use - Vocab adaption suggestion
  238. Optional keyboard buttons?
  239. Option to change Long-Press delay
  240. automatically add punctuation by pressing space
  241. Customizable Emoticon Library
  242. Stop autocorrecting me
  243. Store word casing a well
  244. Ignore multi-touch input while typing on Swype keyboard (i.e. allow multiple fingers)
  245. Black skin and continuous swyping
  246. Independent and SD Dictionary
  247. Please allow optional display of some keyboard features in future versions
  248. typing not Swyping
  249. Personal Dictionary Editing in v3.25.91...
  250. Easy way to type "-" and "'", please!