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  1. Please support the Dutch language in Swype for iOS
  2. Feature requests
  3. Themes for iPad
  4. Light / white theme show the alternate keys
  5. Change position of Swype button and ?123 button
  6. Make iPad keyboard smaller
  7. Show secondary key meanings
  8. Manually add words to the dictionary from within the dictionary itself
  9. Custom gesture swyping
  10. Left and Right Cursor Buttons
  11. Autocorrect behaviour
  12. Add dictation button
  13. Vietnamese swype keyboard
  14. Buttons "," and "." Left and Right of Space BAR to be customizable
  15. AutoCapitalization option
  16. Vietnamese for iOS idea
  17. Press and hold for .com, .net, etc
  18. Save and backup from dictionary and other
  19. Russian language
  20. Text Shortcuts [Implemented]
  21. Add delete key in addition to backspace
  22. smart multi language?
  23. implement swipeselection-like behaviour
  24. please let us turn off auto-capitalisation
  25. Move Setting into Swype App
  26. Double tap word for word suggestions
  27. QWERTZ keyboard for Swiss French
  28. QWERTY keyboard for Estonian language
  29. Catalan
  30. Texting Short Cuts
  31. Request a new language for Swype on iOS
  32. Additional row of numbers
  33. Add Emoji Smileys
  34. Make English (UK) default when bought on UK App Store
  35. Swypable spacebar
  36. Swype in quick reply to an text message
  37. Add option to disable emoji suggestions
  38. Double tap word for alternate word suggestions
  39. Special Symbols as on dark theme also in Light theme
  40. Persian Keyboard
  41. Press & hold Swype button to change keyboards
  42. Easier to add words to dictionary & save to the cloud
  43. Separate keyboard for each language and an one-tap-button to change the keyboard
  44. Quick Cut/Copy/Paste
  45. Blacklist Apps from using Swype
  46. Keyboard layout
  47. Add on-touch vibration like in android
  48. Add option to turn off emoji autosuggestions
  49. Ability to set numpad as default or lock numpad
  50. New layout for single hand Swype for 6 plus users
  51. 2 Handed Swype
  52. Add Catalan language - already existing dictionary!
  53. Swype across space bar to move cursor
  54. Landscape on iPhone6 Plus
  55. Please add icloud support
  56. Are we being ignored?
  57. Text preview closer to the keyboard
  58. Autocorrect customization
  59. Please add a microphone button to the swipe keyboard
  60. Arabic (PC) Keyboard
  61. Dont change letters on english keyboard to small letters after writing first letter.
  62. Button for Emoji and Language
  63. iOS shortcut feature, cloud support, sync with Facebook, Gmail and others & more...
  64. Customizing Auto Correct Feature.
  65. Using an external Logitech keyboard. Not disappearing of swype from screen
  66. Show next predicted word rather than suggested corrections
  67. changing of keyboard language is difficult
  68. Persian Keyboard Feature Requests
  69. Double spacing between sentences
  70. Quoting words/sentences in double quotes. <Norwegian>
  71. Autocorrect for manual tap type input should be secondary.. give me the word I typed!
  72. Emoji panel for selecting Emojis
  73. Simultaneous Language Like in Android
  74. Display Long Tap Symbols
  75. Split Layouts for Tablets and Landscape
  76. Swype for iOS Update Requests
  77. Swype archiv
  78. Emoji or something else?
  79. IOS 8 emoji
  80. Bring back the quick Emoji, please
  81. Don't capitalize letters in the middle of the word
  82. Please add Android features: displaying long tap symbols & changing langs by gesture
  83. Decent Theme
  84. En dash and Em dash
  85. Sangaline keyboard
  86. No period with 2 spaces after a different punctuation mark
  87. Gets "To" and "Too" wrong
  88. Chinese language keyboard please
  89. Transparent / Translucent Keyboard
  90. Update emoticons
  91. Leverage shortcuts defined in iOS
  92. automatic closing paren
  93. email address short cut key?
  94. 3D touch to turn keyboard into a trackpad
  95. Number keypad should stay active until you press ABC
  96. Text Replacement! Please!
  97. Local currency shortcut
  98. Editable Personal Dictionary
  99. Caps lock functionality
  100. Indonesian Language
  101. Date Stamp
  102. more than 3 word preditions on ipad (already exists for android)
  103. duplicate ipad's ios 9 keybard trackpad feature
  104. Gluing words together (Dutch, German, etc.)
  105. Optional 5th row for numbers and swipe on space to move caret
  106. Swype should learn my preferred words and insert them or suggest them first
  107. feature parity with android version
  108. Bring back the capitalization feature
  109. Display alternate characters for next letter as you move without lifting
  110. Auto-capitalize "i" in sentence with auto-correct off
  111. Voice text
  112. Phrase library with Swype shortcut
  113. Multiple words in a single Swype
  114. Remove "More Languages" from language selection menu
  115. Keyboard Dictionary Upgrade
  116. right to left language
  117. change language gusture
  118. Reduce the list of "long press special characters" to the possible ones
  119. Emoji deactivation
  120. Resizable Keyboard URGENTLY needed - would be a noncompetitive feature!
  121. Compound words: turn off auto-space temporarily
  122. Space bar and trackpad..
  123. iOS 10 - Adopt
  124. "Good enough" workaround for Apple-prohibited microphone button
  125. Any way to port over custom Android dictionary to iOS?
  126. pls add thai in ios
  127. Add number row 1-9 on top of keyboard separated.
  128. Delete gibberish words from dictionary
  129. Number Keyboard on Numeric Inputs
  130. Delete the Swype dictionary!