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  1. Long-press punctuation: No symbols on keys?
  2. Bug: Sending Pictures/Video via Messages - Can't See "To" Field
  3. Battery
  4. Can't access Swype in iMessages
  5. Doesn't start
  6. Russian language support for iOS
  7. Changing Colors
  8. Bug report:Unavailable when using quick reply to imessage from lock screen
  9. Swype Keyboard reverts to Apple Keyboard in a new app
  10. How do I transfer/import/load my Android dictionary?
  11. Unit working in ipad mini
  12. Not Jumping to Latest Message in Text
  13. How to go back and capitalize a word?
  14. Speech to Text Button... Am I Overlooking Something?
  15. iPad2 -- Activating Swype makes keyboard disappear
  16. When will other languages (Dutch) be available?
  17. Two Bugs and two Wishes! :D
  18. Swype keyboard doesn't autoload email contacts in Gmail...
  19. Bug? Extra space after word correction
  20. Auto capitalization
  21. Help on autocorrection
  22. Backspace slow or laggy
  23. bug: no text appearing
  24. German keyboard just sucks!! And other stuff.
  25. KNOWN ISSUES - Please Read
  26. Speech Option
  27. Full Access?
  28. turn off word suggestion bar
  29. Typing a tab character/key
  30. Bug when using Swype with Tweetbot
  31. Another bug
  32. Requesting themes for iPad
  33. Keyboard not working at all after Version 10.0.1419 update (iPhone 6)
  34. French keyboard... missing space ! (Clavier français, des espaces manquent)
  35. FAQs - Please Read
  36. Numeric keyboard has extra keys
  37. Help with Emoticons (ASCII) - not Emoji
  38. iOS 8 - Messages App - Scrolling
  39. Capitalization Gesture
  40. IOS8 - Swype from comma to space results in @ sign instead of comma space
  41. Free gesture typing
  42. Delay in backspace when holding down key
  43. Can't Scroll to Bottom of Text Message
  44. Swype and iOS's shortcuts
  45. Skype issues
  46. No space between words and numbers
  47. Swype keyboard size can be messed up by app scaling + notification quick reply
  48. Period after ? or !
  49. Problem on iPhone 6 with speech to text, after Swype is installed
  50. Few Bugs ( iOS 8.0.3 and 1.0.1419)
  51. Missing keys: unable to type some characters
  52. Swype should not ask to add numbers to dictionary
  53. SWYPE not working in text messaging
  54. return not submitting form on webpage.
  55. Capitalizing the word "I"
  56. Swype doesn't work in Google Maps if it is the active keyboard when app is opened
  57. Autocorrect won't completely disable
  58. iPhone 4S Compatibility
  59. Bug: Can't hide Swype when I turn on my wireless keyboard
  60. Swype in iOS 8 Contacts app
  61. Spotligh search - no Swype Keyboard
  62. Spaces added before punctuation... trigger?
  63. Word completion not recognized as part of word
  64. Can't use < enter Key in Face book with Safari
  65. Unable to add custom words to user dictionary in Turkish
  66. Frustrating corrections in version 1.1 of Swype for iOs
  67. Emoji on long press? Is it possible?
  68. Random keyboard switching as I'm typing
  69. Some letters will not capitalize
  70. Blank page when writing reviews
  71. No sound on keypress
  72. Cannot use capitalization gesture
  73. Are our posts being ignored?
  74. Swype is randomly capitalizing more and more normal words in the middle of sentences
  75. Sending an attachment in iMessage bug
  76. Swype issues while charging phone
  77. "Turn off auto correction" means: Turn it off!
  78. Override Swype autocorrect suggestions
  79. Capital letter typo Bug
  80. Adding an extra ) to my smileys
  81. Hide Swype with Bluetooth keyboard?
  82. Changing words to random smileys
  83. iOS 8.1 - NO Dragon Flame on Swype Keyboard
  84. Cannot turn off autocorrect for WhatsApp (iOS 8.1.12)
  85. Can't get to numbers in US Bank app
  86. Many random issues. Mostly UX, with occasional outright idiocy
  87. Random Smileys
  88. Bug in Skype chat window caused by Swype keyboard
  89. Unable to Download Additional Language - Tagalog
  90. Number mode problem in Money Monitor
  91. Swype inserts a period after an exclamation point
  92. Swype crashes at comma
  93. No Keyboard in Quick Reply
  94. App causes iPhone to overheat
  95. Messaging app problems
  96. Capitalizing letters inside word
  97. The writing direction in Hebrew Swype is wrong!
  98. Backspace moves to next/previous and no numeric keypad
  99. Incomplete Persian (Farsi) keyboard
  100. Swype keyboard not dismissing when bluetooth keyboard linked
  101. iPad Capitalization Gesture
  102. Character not show up in WhatsApp iOS
  103. p.m. can't be typed
  104. Keyboard crashes in current app every time quick reply pops up
  105. Auto correct removes typed word in suggestion bar on backspace
  106. Capitalization in middle of word bug
  107. Auto correct duration
  108. Nothing
  109. Fix needed for the 'too and off' problem
  110. Keyboard disappears
  111. Vanishing Keyboard
  112. Swype Keyboard disappearing
  113. Fuzzy emojis?
  114. Can't delete last character
  115. Double Space Adds Period Always, Ignoring Existing Punctuation
  116. How to use favorite emojis
  117. when typing in swype on IOS if you type ch the smiley face automaticaaly appears.
  118. Swype doing crazy things lately
  119. Text box hidden by Swype keyboard in face book message app on iPad air 2
  120. Fitbit breaks Swype keyboard in iOS
  121. Period after question mark and other punctuation bug
  122. Swype BROKEN on iPhone 5S
  123. Please make compatible with Spotlight Search
  124. Swype and Editorial not playing nice with eachother
  125. IPad problems
  126. Skype broken in latest iOS 9 public beta (other 3rd party keyboards still work)
  127. Capitalize a single "I"
  128. Smaller size keyboard
  129. Keyboard disappears in ios9 beta
  130. Rus becomes (r) s
  131. When in my Banking app
  132. Annoying bug that causes weird capitalization at the end of words.
  133. Bugs
  134. Wifi Login? Not without a keyboard
  135. Diagonal lines showing on some keys
  136. Missing keboard
  137. Numeric keypad should show by default
  138. Double space always ignorantly adds a period
  139. Capitalization gesture not working after v.1.6.3873
  140. Bug when long pressing"Q" key
  141. Swyping Up No Longer Capitalises Since Recent Swype Update in iOS
  142. Swype keyboard no longer appears
  143. UITextInputDelegate not being notified on delete
  144. "Sex" as a predictive phrase?
  145. keyboard pushed down when large status bar
  146. No longer appears on search or spotlight screens
  147. Swype CRASHES apps (since iOS 9?)
  148. some characters missing completely in swype for ios
  149. I paid money, but I don't see the themes
  150. iOS app that uses UIWebViews crashes when Swype keyboard shows up
  151. Keyboard cut off at bottom of screen
  152. Non-auto-capitalization incomplete
  153. Bugs I am seeing that need to be addressed (iOS 9.1 / Latest version of Swype)
  154. Punctuation changes previous word
  155. Swype breaks in the middle of inputting a word and inputs two auto-corrected words
  156. Swype not working in Google Chrome
  157. Swype keyboard does not pop up at all using Google Chrome on iOS 9.1
  158. Wifi access im hotels
  159. Numeric keypad goes away when switching to other fields
  160. iOS: Layout problem when blue status bar is active while using maps navigation
  161. Coma space swipe after close parentheses does not insert space
  162. Off autocorrect on numbers
  163. Keyboard is a no-show during attempt to 3-way call
  164. Swype keyboard does not show in WiFi login view
  165. I want my 99˘ back!
  166. Swype crashes Mail
  167. Swype no longer works with firefox
  168. Keyboard not positioned correctly if hotspot or gps running in background
  169. Turn off Automatic Spacing does'nt work
  170. Bug report: New notes in OneNote have incorrect font when using Swype keyboard
  171. Keyboard doesn't appear in WhatsApp
  172. autocorrect
  173. Keyboard blank in Whatsapp
  174. "Ask to add Words"
  175. Need an update for iOS!!
  176. Bottom row truncated when personal hotspot is being used on iPhone
  177. Space bar (bottom row) not visible on first load
  178. There is no Korean Language on iOS. That's a HUGE bug for me
  179. Swype switches to number keypad and becomes unresponsive
  180. Upgrading to iOS 10 = Swype not present from time to time
  181. Standard Emoji Missing from Selection
  182. Unable to download Danish keyboard - try again later
  183. Restore Purchased not working for themes
  184. Swype completely hangs and forces to reboot
  185. iPhone 6s Plus swiping interrupts if too quick
  186. Swype retains information when using Private mode in Safari
  187. Keyboard missing - just a blank space
  188. keyboard freezes in iOS
  189. Uber annoying S bug